Once upon a time there was a lovely princess in the land of Hudsononia, where the skies are always salmon pink. Life was hard for the princess. Often she could not afford all the shoes she wanted to purchase. On some occasions, the very bracelet that she wanted to buy was taken by someone else before she got there. And, horror of all horrors, there were times when the handsome prince with whom she lived did not agree with her and said so. What else could she do except take solace in the amazing bath tub with the whirly-gig water that made her feel oh so wonderful. The water whirled and swirled about and helped the princess leave the troubles of the world in the other room with the dog. Canines are well known for demonstrating an excellent ability to ignore world troubles of any kind. While all seemed well in the kingdom and indeed in the whirly-gig bath tub, the princess felt she could not truly relax. Then one day, a Good Witch from the East bestowed upon the princess her very own silver bath caddy. It was made from the finest silver in all the land. It was complete with magic soap, a small compartment for her diamond reading glasses, a tilted shelf to for the resting of treasured magazines and another compartment for the magic soap. The princess rushed to take the silver bath to the bath tub with the whirly-gig water. She placed all the magazines against the tilted rack and settled in for a nice long soak. As she leaned back, feeling truly happy, she sighed “How wonderful that they know I’m really the queen.”