We here at the Smart Aleck Press feel it is important to follow your dreams. If there is something out there that you know is meant to be yours, it seems reasonable that you should do whatever it takes to make that happen in your life. The eight-fold path includes the qualification of “the right vocation.” When one is happy in one’s work, the remaining steps of the eight-fold path almost seem to fall into place. As one is looking for that which makes one happy, the qualities of the right vocation are important considerations.
For this simple barista, dreams of power dance often on the edges of the mind. Not just any kind of power either. I’m talking about being nearly all-powerful. Doubtless you know what that means. The kind of power that allows access to doors that are locked for others. The kind of power that gives recognition and gratitude upon ones arrival. The kind of power that makes others call your name and know that you will bring the relief they so desperately want.
Being a barista means a life of service that is unparalleled by others such a wait staff, bartenders, valets and the like. They too may dream of another life, with glory the by-product of fulfilling their dreams. This barista dreams of power. Power that is announced, power that is heralded for even small feats of labor. This barista has always dreamed of being: a maintenance man. This is someone with real power in this life time. And they have the ring of keys to prove it. The power they wield comes with wrenches, hammers, putty and duct tape. The emergency solutions alone provoke others to whisper their name with gratitude. When something needs to be done, they are called into service and serve they do. Unlocking locks, duct taping just about anything, finding ways in and out of situations that mystify mere mortals. This is REAL power.

But the resolution to opening doors, managing the lost and found and generally saving the day must come with humility. To serve is to rule but also, to rule is to serve. One cannot maintain this power with out knowing who one serves. Those that need file cabinets unlocked, those that need shop vacs brought into service, those that need coffee dispenser fixed – IMMEDIATELY – they are served by the maintenance man!

When this barista indulges in the day dream of becoming a maintenance man, the soft jingle of the ring of keys can almost be heard. The gentle thud of work boots on carpet can almost be felt. The thrill and excitement of coming to the rescue of those most in need, say if someone finds a mouse, these are the stuff of dreams. One day, yes, one day, this barista will accede to that kind of glory!

(Don’t look now but the turkeys are coming.)