While walking outdoors today I noticed that it’s Fall. It wasn’t because the temperature was 40 degrees or that I was wearing a wool jacket or even that it just plain felt cold. What I noticed were the sounds of fall. Right now all the foliage is a little drier than the lush greenery of summer. With the wind blowing, all the dried leaves, grasses and tree leaves brush against each other. They make a sound loud enough to keep typical urban noises from being heard. Things like planes, auto traffic and the ubiquitous end of season road construction.
I could hear the grasses scratch against each other. Tree leaves brush with a quiet scritching that makes one take notice. Fall is here and will keep rolling into the next season, which shall go un-named for the time being.
I realize this isn’t the typical snarky, smart ass drivel you all are used to, but it’s what was going on today, so I put it in the blog. I promise there will be more snarky next time. Meanwhile, get your coat out.