As of March 2nd, I was coming to terms with the end of Downton Abbey. A little withdrawal, a little ice cream and life could go on. An installment of another addiction would help to ease the strain of giving up one of my addictions. Wednesday night would provide me with a fix for my television substance abuse. I thought “Empire” would go on for the rest of the season. Not so. The finale’ was on Wednesday and I’m still thinking about it. What will happen to Lucius? Is this karma for sending Cookie to jail for him? What will happen to Cookie while he’s away? I believe they really still love each other and will be together again. But before they do, there will be a few twists and turns. Like keeping the hostile takeover from Jamal or finding out what Andre did with Uncle Bucky’s body or getting the real answer to the question about why Hakeem decided to get with Anika. You know there’s more to it than what they showed us!
Seriously, I was quite beside myself about where and how to get the next hit. I was walking around barefoot humming to myself for entertainment. I can’t watch the same thing my husband watches because he’s way into “Outrageous Acts of Science.” That’s no more than a bunch of geeks figuring out the how and why of unrestrained testosterone. That stuff is funny but doesn’t have the same lure as evening soap opera, which I believe is for thinking adults like myself.
When all else fails, one just has to resort to channel surfing or pouring over the cable listings to see if there is something worthwhile to watch. Shopping for pressure cookers, spray washers, discounted jewelry, overpriced clothing or exercise equipment does not count as entertainment.
I know I’m gullible. I want to watch something with a story line that could be true with a stretch of the imagination. Okay, a BIG stretch of the imagination. I would believe something outrageous and talk about it with friends the next day. Feeling remorseful, a return to comfort foods like chips and ice cream was nearly at hand while going through the Thursday night listings. I breathed a sigh of relief when I saw that “Blacklist” was back on and I could get another fix at last.