One of my readers has asked that I comment on California. As you can imagine this is a rather broad topic as California is a rather large state. One should realize that while so many things in California seem larger than life, they’re really just “special.”

The “California lifestyle” could be described as special. They are so many things going one in the California lifestyle that typically go unchecked that, like mold, gets out of control quickly.

For example, the whole sun thing they have going. It’s always sunny in California and you can’t get away from it. People in the rest of the country think Californians are vain because they are always wearing sun glasses. In truth, they have to wear them or the sun will drive them crazy. This is not likely to be noticed as being crazy is quite relative in the “Golden state.” When I visit, I take eye drops because there is such constant sun, my eyes are dry at the end of each day. Makes one wonder what the pot smokers have to go through.

Another larger than life phenomenon in California is that everyone is special. Everything in California has to be special for everyone. For example, your particular vegetarianism is vastly different from everyone else’s and thus, more special. Long discussions about the relative merit of eating versus juicing kale can be overheard in many places. In addition, vocalized concern about possible toxicity in too much kale intake is bandied about. One can be a vegetarian with only certain colors of vegetables that correspond with the colors in your light chakras. This is purported to enhance your vibrations with the universe. Who doesn’t want that? It makes you special.

In most areas, aromatherapy is considered mainstream but in California crystal therapy can help enhance your life (or specialness) and someone who can read crystals is really special. Not sure what their average annual income is, but they’re special.

Coffee is another area where one can distinguish oneself as being special. Standing in line at a local coffee shop or a chain like Starbucks, one can announce one’s specialness. You can do this by ordering your coffee in such a way that it takes the barista five minutes to write down your order while others stand by watching and waiting to give their own special coffee order.

Clothing is special and wearing less of it makes one more special. The way to make this point is to have one’s body enhanced through plastic surgery and then wear clothing that will strategically reveal various enhanced parts thereby making one more special. You will see repeatedly at the Oscars. Those people are quite special.

It could be said that the pressure of living in California can be demanding. Finding ways to make oneself special in the eyes of other people that are already special can be challenging and strenuous. The constant effort can be exhausting. The good thing is, no one has to know what anyone is going through because they all have their sunglasses on.