The Twin Cities is rapidly becoming a very prolific jazz city with many venues and musicians proffering their talents in town. In particular, jazz can be found on many nights of the week in Lowertown St. Paul. Once home only to sparsely populated coffee shops and artist’s lofts, things have changed quite a bit in the past two years. One such offering was Sunday night’s at an eclectic performance venue called Bedlam. There was a weekly offering of “Solomon’s Sessions.” A local trumpet player, music teacher and, now musician with a graduate degree was hosting a venue for jazz musicians to drop in and blow their horn. Or play their bass or riff their piano or bang their drums. All of this was to the delight of jazz fans and a continual stream of top shelf musician’s trying to make a living playing jazz. This was funded for a year, but hopefully we will see more of Solomon Parham and his particular brand of jazz in the future. Given recent growth in this area, it’s more than likely. Today’s offering is my take on an evening at the jazz club.

Come in early and stake out your seat.
It’s cold in here now but when the music starts
You’ll feel the heat.

Move your table to get the best view.
It’s not crowded now but when the music starts
You’ll find that it’s true.

Get a drink in time to see the first set.
The servers aren’t busy now but later,
That’s all you’ll get.

Tune out the patrons that talk incessantly.
They’ll continue to talk,
They’re not inclined musically.

Move your table again and squeeze in your chair.
They’re playin’ just for you,
The hottest music anywhere.

The bass player is lookin’ at ya but the saxophone
player gives you the snub.
The server with the tip jar noticed you.
Welcome to the jazz club.