What do the following things have in common?

Big Bird, The Simpsons, Krusty the Klown, rubber duckies, horror flicks, the walking dead, my cat, your cat, bank robbers, George W. Bush, cremation advertisements, television sitcoms, ugly Christmas sweaters, Yugo automobiles, goldfish, roller skates,  Domino’s pizza, chapstick, dental floss, sushi, snake bites on the arm, Ashton Kutcher, water bottles, skillet breakfasts, concrete steps, light bulbs, vegan meals, electronic card readers, lawyers, ice cubes,  medical waste,  nail polish remover, drying paint, doorknobs, vacuum cleaners, snow shovels, marching bands, wine bottles, t-shirts, Walmart executives, mirrors, parking lot stripes, mini-van drivers, garage sales, fish bait, bird feeders, unnecessary tattoos, roof tiles, squirrels,  excessive FB food photos, gym socks, school closing announcements, skin tags, flashlights, kitchen timers, laundry detergent, umbrella drinks, boy bands, cumin, scissors, gB’s, mustaches, Richard Nixon, garage door openers, and comic books.


I have more respect for all of those things than for the 45th president.