Sat down with pen and paper

To see what I could say

‘Bout 2021 and all that

Did, or did not, come our way.

After a year of quarantine,

Where nearly everyone stayed in,

I burst into the friendly skies

Visiting kith and kin

A stop in Nashville

To look at a sweet Corvair

With all the insides completely shot.

Had to leave the yellow beauty there.

Drove to Wisconsin to rustle up nostalgia

Got a speeding ticket in the process.

Decided to teach ‘em a lesson and

Took State Patrol off the Christmas card list.

California called,

So it was on another plane.

It’s truly not the Midwest,

I bet you think the same.

Then California again,

Searching for a home.

Lots of help from Kate and Craig

Meant the search was never alone.

Some things fell through,

Others went fine,

Like how Brad got a new job

In the Florida sunshine.

Holidays arrived,

Along with surgery for my right eye.

Guess I’ll be squinting through Christmas carols

And singing Auld Laing Syne.

You get another of these dreadful poems

Because you’re family and friends

But you also get my warmest wishes

In the holiday card I send.