Well, if it isn’t 2023 showing up for a visit! How long ha gonna stay? 365 days, huh? That’ll be a while. Got any plans? Gonna look for some kind of employment? Oh, you already have a job. It’s letting the days pass from one to another. Nice work, if you can get it.

Is there anything in store that I should know about ahead of time? Say another pandemic? Or another crackpot politician trying to overthrow the Constitution. The last two years have been more of a recovery mode and the PTSD is finally beginning to fade. I’m hoping that you haven’t got anything like that planned for the next 12 months. I could do without any of it.

Have ya got travel plans? Oh, yeah, you said just letting the days pass from one to another. Me? I don’t have any travel plans this year. Just moved across the country, ya know. I’d like life to remain steady for the foreseeable future.  I realize you’re a new year, so you may not know how to do calm. Let me tell ya, it better be smooth and easy or I’ll bad mouth you to all the other years that come behind you. For most of the year I’m hoping to spend time enjoying how dull you are, 2023. Could ya just keep it down to a dull roar this year?

On a more superstitious level, I believe that odd numbered years are easier. Less eventful, less drama. I believe that even numbered years tend to be more difficult, with occurrences that shake things up. Let’s not do that this year, 2023. So don’t make a chump out of me by giving in to things like “challenging experiences.” We’ve all been challenged enough. I know there’s a lot of peer pressure from the last few years to be disruptive. But not every year has to be like that.

Get the hint 2023. Take it easy and I’ll try to take it as it comes for a year. If it doesn’t go well, then next year we’re gonna change your number. To be fair, we’re gonna change it anyway, but I just want to give you fair warning. Take it easy and give us a break.

Happy New Year!