There is such a thing as heaven on earth. I have been there. It’s in a most unlikely location, Joplin, Missouri. You would not think that heaven could be gotten to from the interstate but it’s true. In fact, heaven is so popular, it has two separate exits. Not everyone can handle all the goodness that heaven has to offer and some people don’t always recognize heaven the first time they see it. Thus the second exit. I was quite surprised to find heaven in Missouri. That’s because I had been escorted out of Missouri many years ago by some surly state patrol officers who took objection to me and some other rowdy hippies I was with. That’s another story for another day. While on vacation last week, we drove through Missouri to and from our vacation destination. This occasioned visiting heaven twice. Yes, twice! I walked up and down the aisles, looking at all that heaven has to offer. The first time I spent $16 and the second time, fearing poaching behavior by the husband unit, I spent $60. What is this heaven you ask. It’s the Russell Stover outlet store. Filled with all the good things that chocolate lovers know and need in life. Things like marshmallow eggs, dark and milk chocolate, for 24 cents. You read that right! There were bags of “seconds” on the pecan delights. Doesn’t matter to me if I rip open a package that says Russell Stover or Michigan University. I guess they must have over-ordered. I brought back boxes of chocolates, bags of candies, mounds of m&m like candies. There were also little boxes of four candies for $1. You can see how this easily got to a total of $76. The vacation mentality didn’t help either. Adding to this experience was the fact that they also had ICE CREAM! And fountain pop! And bathrooms! That really is heaven. A side note: Goats dance when they drink coffee.