There have been some staffing changes here at the Smart Aleck Press.  The editor, myself, has been renamed the Editor-at-Large due to some recent gains made over the holiday season.  This change in title is in keeping with our policy here at SAP to bring you truth in reporting and editorializing through the  We will update the reading public when the editor-at-large becomes the editor-at-diet or simply just returns to being the editor.

Meanwhile, as the Editor-at-Large, I will still be getting my own coffee, answering my own phone.  Wait, we don’t have a phone, so I won’t be doing that.  Also, I will be responding to all letters to the editor in both electronic and handwritten form.  There will be no change in the staff meeting schedule.  Currently these meetings are held on an as needed basis.  The gatherings are comprised of the entire staff (myself), the editor (myself), and the editorial board.  Serving on the editorial board are the two cats that let me live here.   Theirs is not a working board; strictly advisory.  Primarily, the cats are not interested in anything that goes on with publishing the and have even less concern about the Smart Aleck Press.  What they are concerned with, actually nearly consumed with, is  maintaining their status as world-class sleepers.  Daily practice toward this goal nearly assures their status in this Olympic category.

As a reader , you can continue to look forward to having us maintain our usual standards for hard-hitting, fact-finding journalism that is found nowhere else.  Stories such as the one where we uncovered the scandal of the Easter Pig/Easter Bunny, the trouble with vacuuming wasps in the summer (and at other times) and the notable classification of Californians as the special individuals they all know themselves to be.  You can also rely on coverage of coffee as a beverage, stimulant and possibly addictive substance enjoyed by millions.  What you will get as a reader of the is in-depth information about how coffee came to be this way and possibly why.  The “why” of coffee coming to be the way it is, is currently being reviewed by the editorial board.  This remains a family site and anything possibly offensive in this arena needs review before publication.

There you have it.  The new editor-at-large pledges to keep the blog running the same way the previous editor ran it. You’re thinking that’s not really any change because I’m the same person I always was, just larger.  Remember, with new titles come new responsibilities.  We proudly accept ours!

You can expect to receive weekly posts on the by checking in with us at that web address, by liking us and/or following us on Word Press or you can wait a few weeks until the editor-at large figures out how to get this distributed through Instagram or Twitter or something.  The reason you would want to do this is because: it’s Finally Friday.