Buying anything on sale is very appealing to me.  Often I end up with several of the same item, same brand, same size.  Otherwise I end up with several kinds of the same product but with different brands, different sizes.  All of it, after all, was on sale or there was some kind of couponing involved and I feel good that I didn’t pay full price for any of it.

Recently, I began to notice the names of the “beauty” products that take up residence in my bathroom.  They are all purchased with the idea that my appearance will be enhanced by using these soaps, creams, cleansers, and toners.  The word “toner” sounds more melodic than skin-centric, but everyone seems to know what it’s for.

It was unclear if the names of the product are meant to be descriptive of its function, or if it’s meant to make the wearer feel better about themselves.  A product described as Soft Skin Avocado & Honey sounds more like an appetizer.  Not a terribly good appetizer, as the thought of combining smooth, creamy, savory avocado with honey is quite unappealing to me.  Perhaps those with more of a sweet tooth would see the merits more readily.  If the manufacturers are going to include vegetables, I’d vote for anything that includes cucumbers.  They are refreshing, delicious, crunchy and, this is a big plus, extremely low in calories.  I would feel confident that putting a cucumber-something onto my face would not add calories to my thighs.  I would still question whether or not it would make my skin look any better, but my thighs are safe. Full disclosure:  I have used fresh, crisp cucumbers to cover my eyes during facials and I can attest to the soothing nature of the application.

Other names are not so inspiring with regards to soothing one’s eyes, skin, etc.  The Morning Burst Facial Cleanser sounds like it’s meant to jolt me awake.  I don’t want anything bursting in the morning.  Let’s not startle the nice lady when all that’s really needed is a cup of coffee.  Perhaps the Morning Burst marketers would consider renaming the product “Makes You Feel as Good as Your First Cup of Java.”  If you don’t call it coffee, it sounds more hip.

Increased scrutiny of names caused me to be more conscious of items that provide a positive description or image of the intended consumer.  Currently on my counter is Age Perfect.  I actually hold the jar up to the mirror and swoon slightly as I tell myself that I am at the perfect age and that I look perfect for my age.  Slathering it on slows my heart rate nearly as much as having cucumbers on my eyes.  I feel even better when I recall that I purchased the cream on sale.

My favorite product, however, is a facial cleanser.  It’s sudsy, and feels creamy on my skin.  I lather it on a wash cloth  chosen specially for my face.  This cleanser cleans off all the things it says it will.   It leaves my skin smooth.  Even better than smooth skin is the way I feel when I hold the jar next to my face and say to myself, “You are Positively Radiant.”  Likely I would still buy the product because of the name, “Positively Radiant.”   Yes , it was purchased with a coupon.  But even if it weren’t on sale in some way, it would be worth it to have that wonderful reminder to myself in the morning.   Going through my day having been told that I am Positively Radiant.  Boy, am I worth it!