As the famous rock ‘n’ roller once said, welcome back my friends to the show that never ends. Step inside, step inside! On this blog you will find a continuation of weekly-ish, or perhaps monthly-ish, postings that include random thoughts and rants about the ridiculous, the mundane and often the totally useless. Previously privately published, a change of venue was required so that more people could access these random thoughts and ideological meanderings. There is no good reason why. Nevertheless, here is the first installment written on a Sunday, waiting for Finally Friday. Reading these inane missives is better with a cup of coffee, which can be enhanced with a highly caloric sugary baked item.

If you are looking for news, information or intellectual enhancement, there is none of that here. The internet is full of all manner of web addresses that purport to improve your knowledge about the world or whatever. We here at Finally Friday blog aspire to no such thing. There will be no enhancement of anyone’s intellectual functioning as a matter of principle. What you will find are useless, arcane words,quotes and references and this barista’s rants about all things superficial. If you are reading this, you are a select audience. You have been told about this by a friend (or not a friend) and you too are tired of the trite important blogs that serve other interests. At FinallyFridayblog, we serve only the ridiculous so that you can too! It’s short, it’s easy, it’s Finally Friday! (Yeah, we know it’s Sunday).